The “Happy Husband”

Happy Husband

This is a dish that I call the “Happy Husband”. It includes homemade egg rolls & pork pot stickers with a “special dipping sauce”, watercress & cucumber salad with ginger dressing, and sautéed chicken, garlic & vegetables in a spicy/sweet red sauce (essentially a General Tso’s sauce, but I make mine a little spicier & a little nutty. Haha… basically like everything else in my life haha! Oh I crack myself up!) And white rice.

Please be sure to read all the recipe links carefully first before dashing out to the market for your ingredients. I will also note that if you do not want to make your own egg rolls or pot stickers, (because no joke, it is seriously f/ing time consuming…) I recommend Tai Pei brand. You can find them at Walmart in the frozen appetizers section. They’re pretty damn tasty and you get a fair amount for your money. Can’t beat it.

So, let’s start…

Egg rolls recipe link:

Pot stickers recipe link: (Damn and I mean, DAMN, these were good. You’re welcome! Hahaha!)

Special Dipping Sauce“: Made this one without internet assistance. LOL. Soy sauce, just a touch of chili oil, lemon juice, vinegar, finely diced yellow onion, fresh garlic & chives. Let the sauce sit in the fridge for at least an hour before serving (otherwise that fresh garlic will be a little strong.) The idea is to let the sauces absorb into the onions. Note, I did not include proportions here because this sauce is made based on taste preference. The larger quantity should be soy, then vinegar, then lemon juice, then a tiny bit of the chili oil. And, if you don’t have chili oil. Just use a small squirt of sriracha, that’ll do the trick just fine. You just want a wee bite to it. Also, the more diced onions you add to this, in my opinion, is better. Because, again, if you properly allow the sauce to soak into the onion beforehand, when you dip your roll in it, you end up getting these great little flavorful juicy chunks that stick right to your food and the little pieces of onion create all these little bursts of juicy, salty, spicy deliciousness in your mouth. To me, that texture and taste combo comes out better in your eating experience here. And I will share another little golden nugget of information: You can use this exact same sauce to serve with raw oysters on the half shell. You want to talk about some good shit? THAT IS DAMN GOOD…the oysters and this sauce, that is…:) Again, you’re welcome…lol.

Watercress Salad: Rough chopped watercress, peeled & diced cucumber and I used Makoto Ginger Dressing. You can find this in the refrigerated/salad dressing section directly next to the bagged salads in the produce department. (This one is my favorite too. I swear I could eat this shit on ice cream.)

Makoto Ginger Dressing

Chicken & Veg: I used one large boneless, skinless, trimmed chicken breast. Diced into bite-size pieces. Half a green bell pepper, 10 baby carrots, one chopped celery stalk, 1/2 small onion, a snack-size bag of salted peanuts (rinsed), and a 1/2 bottle of a premade General Tso’s sauce.

Start with a very large skillet. Bring to medium heat, add peanut oil. (Any oil will work, but I really love peanut oil in my Asian dishes.) (Also, as an off-topic side note, to avoid kitchen fires, please note that it is a safer practice to add your oil to a skillet that is already hot than it is to pour the oil in the skillet before its brought up to temp.) Once you’ve got your peanut oil heated (will only take a few moments), add chicken and s&p for flavor. Let it get lightly browned on all sides, then move the chicken to the side of the skillet. On the empty side, add a touch more peanut oil. Toss in your fresh garlic slices, wait a few seconds, then add your peanuts and onions. Wait another few seconds, then add the remaining vegetables. After a few minutes, your vegetables should be well into the cooking process and you can then mix together with your chicken. Let all cook together for another minute or 2. Turn off skillet. Pour in your General Tso’s sauce. Add a few sporadic drops of your chili oil. Mix well.

White rice: With consideration to how long it took to make all the other elements of this dish, keep the rice simple. I recommend a brand called Success, 10 minute Boil in a Bag… super easy, just follow the instructions on the box.

And there you have it folks. “Happy Husband”

Happy Hubby

Now, if I could just figure out how to duplicate McDonald’s French Fries, I’d have a “Happy Family”… lol. Stay tuned…


The First Fall Table: Sunday Afternoon Snacks for the In-Laws

The First Fall Table - Sunday Afternoon Snacks for Aunt Julie and Uncle Rich

The first Fall table: Sunday afternoon snacks for the in-laws visiting from New York. Great to have you Aunt Julie & Uncle Rich!!!
The savory platter includes deli sliced mesquite smoked turkey, brown sugar ham & oven roasted chicken, Provolone & Swiss cheeses, Hanover tomatoes, onion & watercress, with a garlic & herb French loaf, spicy lemon mustard and Vidalia onion mayo. Also serving some of my infamous homemade salsa & chips!

My sweet & snacky platter consists of banana nut loaf, grapes, Boursin, slices of aged extra sharp white cheddar & sausage with cracker selection and apples with caramel sauce. For extra nibbles, there are pistachios & Jordan almonds. And can’t forget my sweet tea! Mmmm….who else wants to join us? I’m thinking about making cranberry-rita’s in a bit!!

First Hat and Scarf Day of the Fall! Yipee!!

Hat & Scarf Day

Just to keep things real here, please do not hesitate to ask me questions, or post comments, or feedback. Anything you contribute will only help me grow! Thanks a bunch! And stay tuned for more witty and delicious posts coming soon!!

Boneless Raspberry Ginger Chipotle Pork Chops with Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Baby Carrots & Baby Reds

qBoneless Raspberry Ginger Chipotle Pork Chops with Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Julienned Baby Carrots & Quarted Baby Reds

Boneless Raspberry Ginger Chipotle Pork Chops:

I used a Thai Ginger dressing and Sweet Baby Ray’s Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce. A boneless pork loin roast, sliced into desired thickness, sautéed with spg (salt, pepper, garlic) on each side for approx. 3 minutes a piece. Top the chops with the sauce after you’ve made-up your plate.

Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Julienned Baby Carrots & Quartered

Aluminum foil on the bottom of your baking pan & wrapped around the sides. Lightly coat in olive oil drizzle. Sprinkle the oil sensibly with salt & pepper. Dump your veggies onto foil. With your hands…roll veggies around in the osp (oil, salt & pepper). Rinse hands. Add just a bit more s&p to make up for what came off on your hands and then pop in the oven at 375 for 25 minutes or so. You’ll know they’re done when you can take a fork and press on a piece of potato and it smushes down effortlessly. A good way to “finish” off the veggies: For the last few minutes of cook time, turn the oven to broil for approx. 2 minutes, check on them about every 30 seconds though, to ensure no burning. This adds a nice little crisp to everything and I personally think the crisp makes the brussel sprouts just divine!